Anonymous Gallery “100 Sculptures” Exhibition

Renowned American actor Leo Fitzpatrick, who starred in the cult film Kids directed by Larry Clark, is also a prominent gallerist of his own outpost called Anonymous Gallery and the co-director of Marlborough Chelsea gallery. Fitzpatrick’s Anonymous recently launched the fifth and final edition of its “100 Sculptures” show.

Located on 136 Baxter Street, the presentation features three-dimensional pieces by over 100 international artists. Co-curated by Todd von Ammon, the show was originally conceived at Anonymou’s space in Mexico City back in September 2018. The show then traveled to Paris, Puerto Rico during the MECA Art Fair, and most recently, in Los Angeles’ No Gallery during Frieze LA 2020.

The sculptures on display are made of a myriad of materials including casts, cloth, ceramic, found objects, paper, bronze, concrete, aluminum, and more. The mediums utilized are just as varied as the themes they touch on, from spiritual to “biologically subversive,” as described by the gallery in a statement.

While one piece immensely contrasts the other, the underlying thread that connects these works is proximity and the physical installation in which they are all a part of. “100 Sculptures is a meshwork – an extremely populous show with the objective to create the most dynamic, non-hierarchical system that is possible within the limited confines of a gallery. The over one hundred objects on view have the ability to interact and decode one another freely. The exhibition acts like a circuit board, wherein each artwork behaves like an attractor in the network.”

Check out installation views for “100 Sculptures” above and then head to Anonymous Gallery’s website to view the full list of participating artists. The show is on view through August 21.

Elsewhere in art, artist Henbo Henning is launching a screen printing activation at Dave’s New York this week.

Anonymous Gallery
136 Baxter Street
New York, NY 10013

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